凸凹出雲ノスゝメ(大平龍一)〜つづくこと・なくなること・くりかえされること 2010〜


世界中で、均一化 / 規格化 / 平均化 / 画一化 / 統一化 / 金太郎飴化が進み、その流れから外れてしまうモノや場所や人が失われつつある。そんなフラット化に向かう社会のうねりを超え、もう一度凸凹したモノ、凸凹した環境を創造し、そこにある人の意識を凸凹させることが必要だ! 彫刻家は彫り、刻むことで凸凹を作る。「凸凹ノスゝメ」は、彫刻家・大平龍一が提案する次の時代へのアプローチ。そんな想いを込めた新作の数々が手銭邸に出現しました。「つづくこと・なくなること・くりかえされること」プロジェクトの3回目。


Continue, Disappear, Regenerate 2010: Dekoboko Izumo no Susume [An Appeal to Unevenness in Izumo] (Ryūichi Ōhira)


Around the world, in the face of an ongoing shift toward homogeneity, standardization, averageness, uniformity, unity, and cookie-cutter evenness, those people, places, and things that deviate from such trends are gradually being lost. We need to transcend this wave threatening a flattened society, to create once more the uneven things and uneven environments that encourage uneven forms of consciousness! The sculptor creates unevenness through carving and engraving. “An Appeal to Unevenness” represents an approach to a new era that has been proposed by the sculptor Ryūichi Ōhira, and this idea imbues many of his newest works, which were shown at the Tezen Residence. This was the third instalment in the “Continue, Disappear, Regenerate” series.

◎ “Continue, Disappear, Regenerate”
This exhibition was launched in 2008 as an occasional project of the Tezen Museum with the aim of inviting viewers to rethink the nature of how local traditional culture and townscapes are changing, as well as other transformations taking place all around us. A variety of programs such as workshops and symposia have been staged around exhibitions of work by contemporary artists. All aspects of the exhibition are carried out by TEZEN Inc. including project planning and operation, pamphlet production, and publicity.



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