Continue, Disappear, Regenerate 2009: Reiko no Izumo (Bijutsu) Ryūgaku [Reiko’s (Artistic)
Apprenticeship in Izumo] (Sachie Kimura)


At the waning of the year, in the season when the gods are welcomed back to Izumo, the contemporary artist Sachie Kimura arrived in the Izumo region to begin her artistic apprenticeship as “Reiko,” a name chosen in homage to the daughter of Ryūsei Kishida, the Japanese painter. Reiko set up her studio in the Tezen Residence, where she staged a mixed media exhibition that included video and three-dimensional works showcasing the results of her studies, and additionally convened other events and workshops throughout the Taishachō area. This was the second instalment in the “Continue, Disappear, Regenerate” series.

◎ “Continue, Disappear, Regenerate”
This exhibition was launched in 2008 as an occasional project of the Tezen Museum with the aim of inviting viewers to rethink the nature of how local traditional culture and townscapes are changing, as well as other transformations taking place all around us. A variety of programs such as workshops and symposia have been staged around exhibitions of work by contemporary artists. All aspects of the exhibition are carried out by TEZEN Inc. including project planning and operation, pamphlet production, and publicity.



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